Fall Fest 2018: A Look Back


Trinity’s Fall Fest this year was a blast! The event started out with a kids vs. parents kickball game, which was fun to watch and even more fun for those involved. There were engaging games, crafts, and activities for the kids. My personal favorite was the hanging-donut-eating contest. The high school students shared in the fun as they engaged the kids in the activities they were leading. There was even a lovely photo spot to have a picture taken as a family. 

As a mom, I was glad there was “real” food and not just candy. They had hot popcorn, so yummy and perfect for the fall. There was also hotdogs with “all the fixin’s” as my friends in Mississippi would say; chili, sauerkraut, and cheese as well as the normal ketchup and mustard. As I got cold, the chili-dog warmed me right back up. Then, once my hunger was satisfied, there were marshmallows to be roasted and S’mores to be devoured at the bonfire. 

As the end of the event came, we made our way to the bonfire. The worship team was singing and we joined in the worship. It was so peaceful and a great end to a wonderful family event. 

The highlight for me was a moment when I paused and looked around. My kids were having fun with the other kids, I was able to relax and enjoy conversation with friends, and yet we were still all together. Fellowship at its best. My boys are already talking about going next year, and we can’t wait.

-Meg Rambo

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