Worship with Kim McLean


This past Sunday morning, Trinity was blessed with a beautiful and moving service led by Dr. Kim McLean. Not knowing quite what to expect from a Nashville country music writer, performer, professor, and minister, we loaded into the pews with a packed congregation for Kickoff Sunday. Kim proceeded to lead us in some familiar songs with her easy, peaceful style. Throughout the service, she continued to weave songs and intimate stories to unfold her experiences to us. The time passed far too quickly but the message was clear. How could one walk away from that service not feeling like any one of us could be a vessel for God?

You see, Dr McLean made it clear to us through her personal witness that we don’t need to worry about HOW God might use us or WHEN God might use us. We need only TRUST that God will indeed call on us to use our gifts in some way - dirt and all.  As long as we are open to listening and saying "Yes God" we will bless many and we will be blessed abundantly. Thank you Kim for letting Jesus use you to bless our service!

– Michelle Kelley