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Camp Blast 2017 Day 4 Recap

For our final day of Camp Blast 2017, we were greeted with a heat advisory outside, so we switched gears and moved all our programs inside. The kids didn’t’ seem to mind the change, Today’s theme was “dress like an everyday hero,” so there were campers and leaders dressed up as doctors, police officers, teachers, lifeguards, and a few dressed as their dads as well. 

For our morning assembly time, we played a few of our Camp Blast classic games, like Batman in His Bat Cave, our version of Chicken in a Hen House, and Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, our version of Rock, Paper Scissor. For worship time, we sang and did the motions for our favorite songs from the week, "Every Movie I Make" and "Pharaoh, Pharaoh!"

During Jeremy’s talk, he shared with us about how we can’t go it alone in life and how there is great strength in surrounding ourselves with other believers. Before his talk, he led a game of Untie the Team Leader to help illustrate this point. Even though the leaders were older and stronger, they were no match for all the campers working together to pull them apart.

For super elective time, archery and fitness boot camp were moved inside and instead of flag football, we played Gaga ball, which no one seemed to mind. After super lunch and our final team huddle studies, it was time for our super team battles. Game rotations were pillow polo in the cafeteria and Gaga ball on the stage and dodge ball and steal the rubber chicken in the gym.

After a frozen snack, we finally stepped outside into the heat for our traditional ending to camp...the water balloon fight. It must have been a successful fight, because there wasn’t a single dry camper when they came back inside.

In the evening, campers and families were invited to Trinity, our home church for dinner. Thanks to all the families for bringing side dishes and for helping clean up. After dinner, it was time for our closing program upstairs in the sanctuary. We spent time celebrating all our camp staff, we invited parents to play the "Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman" game with us, sang a couple of camp songs with our super camp band, watched a photo video slideshow from the week, and the film created by our video class. Our assistant director, Lauren, then announced the runners-up for the super team competition before awarding our winners, Team Captain America, with the key to Metropolis. To finish the evening's program, our guest speaker, Jeremy, shared with us for a final time. He quizzed the campers on each of his talks from the week and reminded us that most of us know that God is love, but we need to believe that God likes us and is here with us always.

Thanks parents for bringing your children to Camp Blast this week. They were a great group of kids and we loved spending time with them. It was a blast! We hope to see you next summer! Don’t forget, our Launch youth group for students in 4th–6th grade students and our Climb group for 7th–8th grade students start back up this September. If you love coming to Camp Blast during the summer, you’ll love getting to have some of those same Camp Blast experiences all school year long.

If you have any questions about our youth programs, feel free to contact our Camp Blast director, Mike Ralph, who also serves as youth director at Trinity UMC.

Camp Blast 2017 Day 3 Recap

Despite the heat, we had a super day 3 at Camp Blast 2017. This time the campers and leaders could dress like their favorite superhero. There were lots of Wonder Womans and Clark Kents walking around the gym in the morning. One of the campers even dressed up as Bat Dad, which has become one of the alter-egos of our camp director, Pastor Mike.

To start our morning program, all the leaders played a camp favorite game, Ninja, to earn points for their team. Rob, who had been in a bit of a slump, came out the winner. During worship time, Pastor Mike even stepped in to play bass in the camp band for a few songs. You will get ot hear a couple of those songs tomorrow night at our closing program.

During today’s Bible lesson, Jeremy shared with us about how God has given us everything we need to stand strong in Him. All we need to do is put on our costume: The Full Armor of God.

After Jeremy was finished with his talk, it was super elective time. Floor hockey was the new game today while the other groups changed campers. Once electives were finished, it was time for super lunch followed by super huddle time.

For our super team battle time today, we had knockout basketball, some more 9 Square, Extreme Tic-Tac-Toe, and laser tag, which was a hit! After team battle time, it was super snack time. For our superhero training time, campers played the Amoeba game and some looked like a member of the Fantastic Four when they were finished from stretching and pulling each other to avoid touching the trashcan in the middle of the circle. For our last challenge of the day, campers battled each other in pool noodle fights until there was only one camper standing.

Tomorrow is our last day of Camp Blast 2017. The theme for the day is everyday heroes, so capers are encourage to come dressed as a police officer, doctor, nurse, camp director, etc. It is going to be very hot, so we will try to keep most of our activities indoors. It is a Camp Blast tradition to end the final day with a balloon fight, so if you can have your camper bring a towel to dry off, we’d appreciate it.  

In the evening, we will have our closing program preceded by dinner. During our closing program, we will recognize our staff and teams, briefly play a camp game with the parents, watch a slideshow of photos and videos from the week, premier our epic superhero film starring our campers, sings a few songs with our camp band, and get to hear our guest speaker share his final message. Please pick up food assignment sheet for your child’s team during drop off in the morning.

Check out the slideshow of some pics from day 3 and don't forget to check out all our other pics from Camp Blast 2017.

Camp Blast 2017 Day 2 Recap

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through Camp Blast 2017. Day 2 was just as super as the first day. We started it off getting to meet all our campers and their superhero alter-egos. It was so great to look out and so many campers and leaders dressed in costume.


After some exciting 9 Square and other games in the gym, it was time for the leaders challenge of the day, which was super musical chairs. After the leaders played, it was time for the campers to try some musical chairs as well. During worship time, the band led everyone in our Camp Blast favorite song, which we have yet to fit in any of our themes…Pharaoh ,Pharaoh! The new campers we’re not really sure how to do the motions at first, but they quickly figured it out. Our speaker, Jeremy, talked to us about the “Super” power inside of us..the Holy Spirit, which is the same power that is in Jesus.

After Jeremy’s talk, it was time for our super electives. This year we introduced our 2 day sessions. One of our electives, volleyball is only offered on the first 2 days, as it will be supplemented with floor hockey for Wednesday and Thursday. Our volleyball players had a great time despite the heat, as did a lot of our other campers who were wrapping up their 2 days electives as well. Our campers in archery showed a lot of improvement in just 2 days. Our campers in our video production were busy filming scenes for the epic superhero themed film that will be premiered during our closing program this Thursday night at church.

After our super electives, it was time for our super lunch followed by our huddle time with our super teams. Our super team battle time activities for the afternoon were Nerf Wars, dodge ball, Wiffle ball, and Newcomb on the volleyball court. In addition to getting points for winning challenges, our teams received points for showing sportsmanship and encouragement for their teams and opposing teams. We’re looking for more of the for even more of that for the rest of the week. After surviving our team battles and the heat, we took a super snack break. Once our teams had cooled off and filled their stomachs, it was time for our super hero training activities. Today’s game theme was scooters, so we played our super version of Human Hungry, Hungry, Hippo and finished with a scooter relay race.

We had a great time. We can’t wait to see what happens on day 3!

Check out all of the pictures from days 1 & 2 by clicking below:

Camp Blast 2017 Day 1 Recap

Camp Blast 2017 is off to a super start. As campers checked in at registration, they were greeted in the gym by one of our new game contraptions…9 Square. It took everyone a while to figure out how to play, including some of our staff, but we think it’s going to become a Camp Blast favorite.

After games and get-to-know your team time in the gym, it was time for our group assembly in the cafeteria, which we have named the Hall of Justice to go with our superhero theme for the week. We played some wacky games, watched a funny video introducing some of our camp superheroes, and listened to our guest speaker, Jeremy, who shared about how Jesus invites each one of us to follow him, not based on anything special about us, but because of how much he wants to be with us. We aren’t heroes by accident.

After Jeremy’s talk, it was time for our elective activities. We introduced a few new electives this year…Fitness Boot Camp, Volleyball, and Archery! Once our electives were finished, we moved on to our super lunch followed by our super team huddle time, where our campers talked about Jeremy’s message and spent time reading from the Bible.

Our afternoon consisted of super team battle time, where our super teams battled against each other in various games. Today’s games were kickball, soccer, steal the super bacon, and 9 square. Yes, if you aren’t tired of the word “super,” you probably will by the end of camp.

After a snack break, we finished off the day with some team building games as part of our superhero training. Teams raced to see who could untie their superhuman knot and showed their ability to work together to balance their whole team on a single chair.

Each time our teams compete in challenges, they can earn points for their team. They also earn points for showing sportsmanship and cooperation and even solving superhero trivia. As part of their challenges, teams are asked to come dressed in our theme for the day. Tomorrow’s theme is dress like your superhero team mascot. Most creative costumes also receive extra super points. Teams can earn additional points if their whole team participates.

Don’t forget to sign up for our closing dinner and program at Trinity Church on this Thursday night. Dinner is at 6 followed by our program at 7. Look for the signup sheet at the registration table at check-in if your family is interested.

Check out some of the pictures from day 1.. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for videos, photos, and other content @trinityyouthmullicahill.

To view all of the photos from the week, check out our Flickr photo page by clicking the button below.


What is Camp Blast?

Camp Blast is a Christ-centered day camp program for youth ages 8-14 (completed grades 3-7). Camp Blast offers: themed activities, group games, sports & arts electives, worship music, a dynamic youth speaker, small group Bible studies, and cooperative team activities. This year's theme is "The Hero Inside You," so look for lots of comic book and superhero themed activities all week.


Why Camp Blast?

For Kids: Camp Blast offers opportunities to make new friends, play wacky games, make lots of memories, learn new skills, and have a blast!

For Parents: Camp Blast is an affordable and highly organized program that offers opportunities for character building and is staffed with positive role models for the campers to follow.


We offer daily electives led by our high school team leaders and adult leaders. Electives are for 2 days. Campers will choose 2 electives. On Wednesday they will switch to their 2nd elective. Space is limited for all electives. Register early to ensure first choice for your elective. 

Team Sports – Learn new skills or improve your game in a fun environment. Sports offered this year are: flag football, floor hockey, and volleyball

Archery - learn how to use a bow and arrow on a target or practice your archery skills.

Fitness Boot Camp – High energy, fun, and challenging fitness routines mixed with fun and games.

Arts & Crafts - Create comic book and superhero themed crafts. Crafts will be displayed at end of camp.

Video Production - Interested in acting or video production?Join us as we make our own superhero action movie. Space is very limited. Video elective is for all 4 days.


What to bring

water bottle, bag Lunch, sneakers, and sunblock


What not to bring

cell phones, inappropriate clothing, electronic devices, jewelry, or flip-flops



Camp Blast! runs Monday, July 10, through Thursday, July 13.  Daily camper drop-off is from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with pick-up at 3:00 p.m. On Thursday, July 14, all campers and families are invited to Trinity UMC for our closing session with a meal and a program from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Guest Speaker:

Jeremy Vanderslice

We are excited to have Jeremy back as our guest speaker. Jeremy is an experienced camp leader and speaker. He is the program director of a youth center in West Chester, PA. He is a big fan of Philly sports & loves tacos.


Camp Blast Brochure

Download our Camp Blast 2017 Brochure by clicking  below or pick up at our Camp Blast table in the church narthex... and remember to share with your neighbors and friends and local businesses.




Camp Blast flier

Download our flier for Camp Blast below and remember to share with your neighbors and friends and local businesses.

Staff Application

We also offer paid and volunteer camp staff positions for high school and college students. Our Camp Blast hiring committee is looking for spiritually mature students with high moral character who are team leaders, have proven leadership experience (especially with children) and are actively involved in their youth or campus ministries. The deadline for staff applications is Monday, May 22. Download our staff application below.

Registration info

Register between May 7–22 and receive our early bird rate at only $90 per camper. Register between May 23–JUNE 5 and rate is only $110 per camper. Register between June 6–July 5 and rate is $130 per camper. Families with multiple children will receive a $20 discount for each additional child registered. Registration is not complete until online payment is received. 

Camp Blast t-shirt, Bible, and snack each day are included in cost. Camp size and space for electives is limited, so register early to ensure a spot and elective of your choice.

How do i register?

Click link to registration form and payment below. All payments must be made by credit card online by registration deadlines or a $20 late fee will be charged. Any cancellations to registration will be charged a $30 fee per camper. Release forms and other info will be sent by email the week prior to start of camp.                                                              

Register now

Registration for Camp Blast 2017 has ended.  If you have registration questions or problems registering online, please contact our camp director at 856.478.0090.


Camp Blast Blog

Check back here each day after camp for blog updates and pictures.