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We believe at Trinity that the Christian faith is not something you can practice alone. That is why one of our goals at Trinity is to see that every member of our congregation becomes a disciple of Jesus by getting plugged into a small group ministry.


Winter Small Group

Church Wide Small Group Experience


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"All In" Small Group Study

Join us as we, as a church body, dive in to a winter study. We will be looking at All In, a four-session video-based Bible study by Pastor Mark Batterson, a call to complete consecration.


Many people think they are following Jesus, but the reality is, they’ve invited Jesus to follow them. They call Him Savior, but they’ve never surrendered to Him as Lord. Are you following Jesus? Or have you invited Jesus to follow you?  If Jesus is not Lord of all, the He is not Lord at all. It’s all or nothing.


Over these four sessions you will be challenged to make defining decisions and follow Jesus in ways you may have never dreamed before. You will be challenged to go all in and all out by fully surrendering your life to the lordship of Jesus.

Groups will meet at a variety of times and locations and will begin the week of January 14, 2018. 

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