April 20, 2019 Lent Daily Devotional: An Unheard Conversation


An Unheard Conversation

... God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law. ~ GALATIANS 4:4-5 (NASB)

Jesus was already the Son in eternity past, but never before in human flesh — born of a woman and, as man, subject to the Law.
Jesus left behind — stripped off — omnipotence, or at least omnipresence and omniscience. He left the eternal fellowship of His Father and even the Spirit, to “put on” flesh for us. He did it with perfect foreknowledge, in complete oneness of purpose with the Father and the Spirit.


Father: When our children choose not to love us, we will have to let them go. Sin through disobedience has no place here.

Son: But we love them.

Father: Sin is death; their life-blood cannot remain.

Son: Could the blood of another serve?

Father: Yes, but only untainted blood.

Son: How? Whose?

Father: There is, will be, none.

Father-Son-Spirit: Could we make a way?

Father-Son-Spirit: We can. Nothing is impossible. It will be costly beyond measure. Only great love can pay the price.

Son: Because of our Perfect Love, I want to do it, pay it, for our joy’s sake.Father: Please do.
Son: I will.


Dearest Lord Jesus, you left your glory to become like us. May we, through your sacrifice, become more like you.